How do you build the future? With the tools of the future.

How do you build the future? With the tools of the future.

We accompany all steps of your construction project with digital tools. This ensures greater transparency, more accurate calculations and faster workflows. We always offer the right solution - whether it's a major project or a small construction site.

Digital construction? Ask our experts.

Road construction belongs in the digital era.

We offer solutions for every construction phase. 

  1. Concept
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Operation & Delivery


We use drones, lasers and Big Data to record the initial state of a project. We collect all relevant information from different sources and filter out the most important information for you. This way we know what quantities and masses you need and which construction method is the best. 

Digitize building projects?
We will be happy to advise you.


When it comes to detailed conception, we use BIM. This allows us to simulate the entire project in advance. We create a "digital twin" - the perfect virtual image of the real construction site. This allows us to create a comprehensive project plan - with information on wastewater planning, landscape conservation and noise protection. In addition, you receive a very precise budget. 

Planning construction digitally in advance?
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Once the project has been confirmed, we document the construction progress - including automatic progress reports. We calculate how many building materials are used, when and where. All steps are entered in detail in our Digital Twin. Even with the smallest changes to the project, we recognize in real time whether these lead to temporal or spatial difficulties. 

Digital control of construction execution?
We will be happy to assist you.

Operation & Delivery

After completion of the construction, we guarantee its trouble-free operation. We use a wide range of data from sources such as traffic statistics, accident reports and weather diagrams. This allows us to calculate wear and tear and to know where and when something needs to be replaced. Our goal is to maintain projects in a cost- and environment-friendly manner. 

Digital tracking of maintenance?
We take care of it.

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AVUS: Innovative Erfassungstechnik trifft auf Projektmanagement

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AVUS: Innovative Erfassungstechnik trifft auf Projektmanagement