About us

VIA IMC is the infrastructure innovation platform of VINCI

VIA IMC is the infrastructure innovation platform of VINCI

We are digital, not just to be digital

We at VIA IMC all have practical experience and decades of experience in planning, building and operating complex infrastructures. We find inspiration for our projects not only on the computer - but above all on the road. Over many years we have mastered a wide variety of challenges together. The result? Technologies ready for practical use. Simple, flexible and efficient, just as modern construction sites demand.  We are digital to be efficient. 

Our way into the future

We are of the opinion that road construction must become more digital. To save resources and make work on construction sites safer. Digitisation means change. And change requires courage. Our goal is to encourage our industry and show that digitisation is great and can be used by everyone.
Together, we will lead road construction into its digital future.

Smart solutions need smart minds

Dirk Ebersbach | CEO
„Digitisation creates incredible opportunities for road construction - and we access the benefits by putting these developments to use.“
Andrea Hofmann | Senior project manager
Andrea is an all-round expert in digitalisation projects. Her software development background and long-term project management experience cover all stages of project activities; from taking requirements to appropriate visualization techniques, from project strategy to project result. She manages every step while never losing sight of customer focus or benefit.
Christian Wörner | Senior consultant
Christian is a digitisation expert and the inventor of AVUS.DIGITAL. He is passionate about developing user-friendly applications for BIM and GIS for practical use.
Astrid Hautz | Project manager AI & AM
Astrid’s focus is project development of international PPP projects. Her expertise lies in economic assessment of the life-cycle of traffic routes, analysis of road conditions and development of AI systems for automatic damage detection.
Momna Mazhar | Project manager BIM
Linking data from different sources often means facing huge, unstructured imports. Momna organizes the chaos by creating practical 4D or 5D models and holding registers.
Thomas Rath | Surveyor
Thomas is your contact for measuring and modelling. His Know-how and ability to incorporate the latest technology and the traditional approaches to daily operations help to make the transition a success.
Patrick Naujoks | Support engineer iTWO
Patrick is our iTWO expert. As consulting engineer, he gives support to our branches and enables a seamless transition from classic iTWO to BIM-conform iTWO 5D.
Vincent Toriello | Project engineer
Vincent knows all about collection and processing geo-referenced information and BIM at large-scale construction sites. Vincent provides assistance to Thomas and Patrick in iTWO 5D.
Tino Walther | Doctoral candidate
Tino is a specialist for recording performance of construction sites. Modern technology helps make the process transparent, efficient and future-proof. Tino is writing his doctorate about Construction Operations and is our interface to universities, DIN-committees and practical BIM-research projects.
Andreas Ellinger | Doctoral candidate
Andreas' doctorate work is on the automatic compilation of semantical 3D models. Together with Christian, he develops tailor-made, mobile solutions for object-oriented information management.
Heidi Schmidt | Executive assistant
Heidi is your contact person who puts the clients in touch with the right expert in our team. Do not hesitate to contact her in German, English or French.