Infrastucture Information Modeling

IIM: Our Version of BIM

IIM: Our Version of BIM

We have adapted BIM for road construction - our result is called IIM

When talking about digitization in the construction industry, there is no way around BIM. BIM means Building Information Modeling and is not specific software, as often assumed, but a method to make the construction process more transparent with digital tools and to design it holistically. Conception, planning, construction and operation are controlled centrally with various digital tools. For example, a single laptop is sometimes enough to manage highly complex projects. Due to the high transparency in the mapping of construction processes, working with BIM reduces project risks, optimizes schedules and expenditures and leads to a better result.

With our interdisciplinary team, we have adapted this process for infrastructure construction and optimized it for practical use. The result is called IIM – Infrastructure Information Modeling.

What is new and special about our solution?

  • we combine BIM and GIS, a geo-information system for the acquisition of spatial data
  • we  onvert 2D to 3D data
  • with easy access we ensure that the information is also available for e.g. polishers
  • the performance report and BIM go hand in hand

These are our services for IIM

TAMT – Technical ASSET Management Tool

TAMT is a further development of the classic Pavement Management System, PMS for short, which collects status data of infrastructures and predicts when a road needs to be renewed. TAMT goes one step further and looks not only at data on technical wear and tear, but also at costs and traffic safety. This means that every maintenance measure can be precisely timed throughout the entire life cycle of a road. As a result, you not only receive a report with the costs per year, but also a model that shows when which measure is planned and what it will cost - a relief for every project management.

You can find more information here: LINK SUBPAGE TAMT

AVUS.DIGITAL is our browser-based platform for modern infrastructure construction. All relevant data can be viewed and managed via a login. Drone flights can be booked at the click of a mouse to measure construction sites. Measurement data, e.g. in the form of a 3D point cloud, are automatically loaded onto the platform. AVUS.DIGITAL stores calculations, inventory or time schedules and is therefore the perfect companion for all processes in the construction life cycle.  

You can find more information here: LINK SUBPAGE AVUS

If you need support to digitize your processes, plan your next project with BIM or need help measuring complex infrastructures - we are your partner with our expertise. Together we will find the right solution for every task.